She Take My Money.

September 7, 2009

I think I’m going nuts.

I started talking to my clothes when I went to try them on in the fitting room in mango/zara yesterday.

Or was it topshop? I don’t know. Can’t remember.

Anyhow, I took a size 6 and a size 8 in, and this whole telepathic conversation started.



Me: Look here size 8, I know I may not choose you over 6, but know that there’ll always be someone who needs you and you must not change who you are because even though size 6 may fit me better and you might not be the size for me, know that you’ll always be on my mind.


Okay, so maybe I do talk to objects telepathically (I accidentally wrote pathetically), but it’s normal right?! 

No. Maybe not. 

Fuck, I’m answering my own questions!

That’s not right! 

: O



I am becoming Disney-fied!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched Hannah Montanna movie and 17 Again within 6hrs yesterday. 

I liked the story line.

And Zac Efron is such a metro-sexual. No doubt.



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