“Shawty”; Short; Stump; Stoop:

August 29, 2009

Seriously, that took (the title) me like, 5mins to write. 

Reason is:

Sprained my left hand (which I depend on so badly to type with) during dance today. the combination of breaking, krumping, and Chelsea’s long legs (next to me) AND elf’s hyper full-out-I’m-the-sex hip hop is not appealing to the convenience of surfing the net. Or typing, for that matter.

So basically, my left hand (wrist and below wrist part) is fucked up. Which makes writing a new post even more fucked. 

Actually, I would’ve put a picture in this post, but I wouldn’t. So deal with it.

Honestly, you should try typing with one hand. No offense to those who only do have one hand, I mean, I totally respect you guys, but I have two. And only being able to type with one a fuckload frustrating. 



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