I scream “Hallelujah”!

August 25, 2009

Honestly, I do. Lesser people are coming to my blog now for HARD-CORE KICK-ASS KINKY PORN YA’LL. 



I swear, if anyone ever said that to me, I will personally castrate them.

Of course, assuming I am straight.


(I find the guy very fake. He looks so plastic. So Lady Gaga.)


Oh btw, I ‘m still getting hits for porn stuff such as “naked straight asian men” and “women who love old men”, but it’s a lot less hits compared to like, a week ago.

I think word is finally spreading that there is actually a porn-hater who blogs!



Honestly, it’s so kinky, the stuff that people search on.

How can these things turn you on??

Even my dog won’t have an erection!




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