Rest In Peace, Dj AM.



Seriously, that took (the title) me like, 5mins to write. 

Reason is:

Sprained my left hand (which I depend on so badly to type with) during dance today. the combination of breaking, krumping, and Chelsea’s long legs (next to me) AND elf’s hyper full-out-I’m-the-sex hip hop is not appealing to the convenience of surfing the net. Or typing, for that matter.

So basically, my left hand (wrist and below wrist part) is fucked up. Which makes writing a new post even more fucked. 

Actually, I would’ve put a picture in this post, but I wouldn’t. So deal with it.

Honestly, you should try typing with one hand. No offense to those who only do have one hand, I mean, I totally respect you guys, but I have two. And only being able to type with one a fuckload frustrating. 


I scream “Hallelujah”!

August 25, 2009

Honestly, I do. Lesser people are coming to my blog now for HARD-CORE KICK-ASS KINKY PORN YA’LL. 



I swear, if anyone ever said that to me, I will personally castrate them.

Of course, assuming I am straight.


(I find the guy very fake. He looks so plastic. So Lady Gaga.)


Oh btw, I ‘m still getting hits for porn stuff such as “naked straight asian men” and “women who love old men”, but it’s a lot less hits compared to like, a week ago.

I think word is finally spreading that there is actually a porn-hater who blogs!



Honestly, it’s so kinky, the stuff that people search on.

How can these things turn you on??

Even my dog won’t have an erection!



Porn post #2.



grace kelly 14
calvin harris 6
pam anderson completely naked 2
men,women,girl,sexy,love 2
totally naked 2
chairman mao 2
naked woman doing laundry 1
naked straight men 1
young girls who fuck old men 1
men naked 1
grace kelly fotos 1
naked young little girl 1
guy naked 1
lips art pop 1
grace kelly photos 1
naked sex woman use young 1

Honestly, my blog is not sexual! I am innocent!

Young girls who fuck old men“- whoa. This is sickening. Whoever comes to my blog and reads this, you are SICK.

naked sex woman use young“- Firstly, that horrible english. Secondly, that’s horrible grammar. Thirdly, people are not a “naked sex woman”. We are either “naked woman having sex” or “sex with naked woman” or something like that. Wait, everyone has sex naked right? It’ll be weird if someone has sex fully-clothed.

naked straight men“- Wow, someone’s a homophobe.

pam anderson completely naked“- This guy/woman must’ve been completely desperate to add in the word “completely” because:

1) I don’t think pamela anderson gives out naked photos on the internet

2) It is a complete sign of desperado to add in the word “completely” when searching for naked photos of pamela anderson.

3) If you are the person who did search for “pam anderson completely naked“, then download Adobe Photoshop, and cut and paste pamela anderson’s head onto a “completely” naked body. Like duh. Even my 3-year old cousin can do that.

naked woman doing laundry“- This is hilarious, at the same time, extremely kinky. Hello, no one gets turned on by naked women who do laundry right? ….right??!

men,women,girl,sexy,love“- Someone wants a hell lot out of one search. Men, women, girl, sexy love.. Go and buy justin timberlake’s new album godammit.


Okay, Simpsons is on.

До побачення


It’s Fucking Hilarious.

August 20, 2009

People actually search for porn, and THEY CLICK ON MY BLOG!!



grace kelly 15
naked women 5
asian girl cow 2
calvin harris 2
naked straight men 2
pamela anderson’s 2
naked young woman 2
naked asian girl 2
teens naked 1
chairman mao images 1
fotos de grace kelly 1
pamela anderson naked 1
old man nude with young boy 1
pamela-anderson 1
grace kelly pictures 1
pamela anderson wannabes 1
naked men photo 1

I tell you, this is fucking hilarious.

I mean, hello! Pamela anderson wannabes? Dude, that’s like searching David Hasselhoff’s penis! 

And probably the creepiest one would have to be “old man nude with young boy”. I had no idea these type of people actually existed. That’s just pedophile gone extreme. This guy should be in prison. They’re sick.

And then there’s “naked young woman”, “naked asian girl”, “teens naked”. DUDE.  Just search “hard-core porn” already! I mean, is my blog really this sexual? Are there any pornographic, explicit content in this harmless little post by a 14-year old??

I am traumatized.


Maybe I should create a placebo post and make it look like a porn post so I’ll see how many views I get!


Ciao, bella!


If Only.

August 6, 2009

People don’t necessarily see the point of why we make music. Sure they listen to it, but do they see the music? Okay, that didn’t really make sense, but people don’t see the point and the love in the music when they hear it. They just want some boy-band jonas-brother commercial shit that progresses in a I-vi-IV-V kinda shit. I mean, it’s just all so bullshit. It’s crap when people don’t understand.