neonNIKEOh. My. God. Love it. Want it. So badly.


I think guy shoes with girl clothes are le sex. 

Honestly, girls who dare to wear what they look good in and not just follow fashion blindly are my heroes. 

And I just love Aygness Deyn. She is like, superwoman supermodel+quirk culture.

Love it love it love it.


Okay, gonna watch the nanny now. 

I love Fran Drescher! 

aygness deyn


I feel like the whole world just isn’t existing, but merely scraping through life as an atom in the absence of nothing. 


This is my first post since, god knows, FOREVER.

So update on my life (so far):

1) I officially like someone. Who is not Calvin Harris.

2) I found out Calvin Harris is a drunk asshole

3) Calvin Harris PERFORMS drunk. Which is totally shitty, because that means he doesn’t respect the space he’s given to perform in, which is just totally unprofessional and grotesque.

3) I’m starting to like Pitbull’s music (except for calle ocho- that song is fuckin’ annoying yo.)

4) I think I’m gonna fail maths.

5) If you do know the guy whom I am heavily infatuated with, you would know our rich background together around 5 months ago when the world was a blur.




So. Hello there.

Sorry for not blogging for the time-span of eternity. I’m 14 and I am wrecked with homework, sex, and drugs. 

Hallelujiah baby!


Honestly, I think people think the life of a teen is riddled with adversity and identity-crisis and puberty and love-knots and god knows what other shit, but in reality… It is.

They just don’t understand why. I mean, they blame us for going through this “teenager” phase in our lives, when they don’t know what to blame except us. 

Wait no, that didn’t make sense.

They don’t know WHY we are going through the apparent phase in our lives!!! And it’s really annoying to know that they just accept us as “different” or “angst” or “morbid” when we just really want to be left alone rather than be fucked up by old people’s incessant complaints about us trying to be anti-social and different.

I guess it’s because we’re maturing, and we’re sick of being like other people, and we want to know who we really are. Teenager “adversities” are just plain horrible to go through, but it’s something new. Something that we need to go through to be who we really are. People can’t accept that we just want to be left alone, maybe it really is a “phase”, but honestly, I think it’s a good one. We get horny, we get crazy, we get drunk, drugged, I think all these new experiences either out of curiosity or pressure all adds up to who we become when we grow up. 

And then there are the parents.

Oh god.


They just can’t accept that we just don’t want them around! I know when we were 5 or so, we used to cling to their legs, sleep in their beds, go take car rides with them, but that was when we were so annoyingly dependent. 

Honestly, parents complain their babies need them too much. Then when their kids turn into teens, they complain that their children don’t spend enough time with them.



I think they just want attention. 





Diet Me Guilty.

July 2, 2009

Honestly. Fat cranky teachers need to diet.

Really. It is not healthy for them, and definitely not healthy for their oh-so-underweight students (not that I’m anywhere NEAR healthy either-but oh well). And they get so pissy that all their negative energy just emits out like radiation from the hiroshima nuclear bomb that it kills all the little people around that fat little blob.

Fat teachers who are cranky and have gigantic sweat pits tend to be more irritable then healthy skinny little kate-moss wannabes. And I think it’s because they sweat more, get bothered like a pesky little mosquito, and then become blood-sucking leeches who try to suck your entire youth out of you to feed their own inhumane thirst for human blood because they take pleasure from the littlest things like making people half their age cry their itty bitty eyes out.

So to all fat shits out there: