Forgive me if my latest posts have been rather picture-less.

And forgive me if I have not been blogging.

I have been busy.



OMG, I am sick- again. The second time in 2 weeks.

So right now i’m just stuck at home watching korean documentaries without english subs. 

I am weird.

And my throat is so fucking uncomfortable I could kill a cow.


I failed my critical listening by 1 fucking mark.






Anyhow, I promise I’ll blog better after I am over this bite-the-world phase. 


I. Have. NOT. Gone. For. Rehearsals. For. One. Week.


And. It. Is. Killing. Me. 



I. Will. Bite. Someone. You. Hear.

Either. That. Or. Someone. Dies.




You. Have. Been. Warned.

There was once a boy.

Who was horny as hell.

But he missed out on puberty.

And down, his sex life fell.


He never had a blowjob.

He never will have one.

For all girls shall (and will) be taller than him.

Hence his sex life is rather dim.


He looks like a leprechaun.

But with a more oriental feel.

He’s a Justin Timberlake wannabe.

Just that he’ll never have a Jessica Biel.


So give the poor boy a rest.

And leave him to his fate.

He is (sadly) still a virgin.

And his andropause is late. 


[If the picture (below) appears on the right, then the picture formatting is screwed)




I love cabaret! —>


Honestly, I have always wanted to be a cabaret girl since I was 5.

But now, I think cabaret emcees are just pimps with class and a tux.

And cabaret girls are just cheap little girls who can sing, dance, and act.



Well, of course there is something wrong with that if you are one conservative nun, but oh well. You can’t convert the whole world now, can you!


I am in love with the cast of rent the musical. I think the goofy white guy is utterly cute!

I would have married him if he were 20 years younger.

Ha. Ha.



1) Go for as many auditions as possible

2) Stop slacking in voice homework

3) Take care of my voice

4) Beg parents to go to new york

5) Beg mother to let me celebrate Halloween (Yes, don’t laugh, my mother does not celebrate halloween)



(Aren’t they the SEX?! I love them. Honestly. Since I was 12, I have been a big fan.)

If you knew them, you’d know. 



(And the rest of BB, but oh well, I would prefer him anytime babe!)



    My new musical inspiration and love.



    I really love the music they give out.

    And the vibe.




    I still have not gotten my Gilles Peterson fest tickets, still waiting though, to magically appear out of nowhere on my table.






    And yes, I am still single, free & funky baby!

    OH YES!

    If you have not found anthing gilles peterson-y, then fret not dear one!

    You could get me anything QSO/Quantic-ish! 😀




    Oh yes, and I have officially become a fan of Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Paul English,Frank Mantooth, and Clay Jenkins. Listen to them. They’re really good.

    Oh yes, and still back to my good ol’ music of time: These New Puritans; Babyshambles; M.I.A; Pretty Girls Make Graves

    I actually like the album art by Pretty Girls Make Graves.

    Listen to “elvis” by These New Puritans, “Delivery”- Babyshambles and “10 dollar” by M.I.A.

    Songs by PGMG sound pretty much the same after awhile, so you get the same Munchausen-By-Proxy-meets-Indie-Rock high.

    Isn’t that fuggin’ awesome?








    I  thought the DJ for Lady Gaga was… CALVIN HARRIS!!

    I mean, DJ space cowboy had the same dress sense, same funky sunglasses…

    I wanted to cry in shock and horror!! 

    But thank god, NO, calvin harris is not with that american popstar.

    I would cry my itty-bitty little heart out.


    It Is Official!

    May 4, 2009




    I am officially, 100% OLD.      





    Okay, I don’t want my birthday to come.

    (Yes, that is me above by the way. My first picture)

    I don’t want to grow old ya know? It’s like that song from Peter Pan the musical- “I won’t grow up”.

    Damn, I wanna stay a kid forever. 

    I don’t wanna get a job, don’t wanna do all those kinky odd stuff adults do.

    And deal with a fuggin annoying computer that keeps on hanging.



    OH YES! (Part II)

    May 2, 2009

    Okay, in relation to the previous post (OH YES!), I shall make this another picture-less post all about thanking whoever has given me a birthday present.

    Geez, I am such a selfish bitch, dedicating one post just for my birthday! 



    It’s not really confirmed that she is because the album that I want (which has the song “gravity” in it) may not be available here, but I shall thank her in advance so that the guilt she feels when she doesn’t give me the album is helluva kick-ass


    Reminder to self: switch on the goddamn heater and stop relying on solar-fuggin’-energy for hot water!!


    Yes, I was too lazy to wait for the water to heat up, so I bathed in fuggin’ cold water. And trust me, it is not a wonderful candy-cane tra-la-la experience.

    Nuh uh baby.

    It’s so annoying to have eco-friendly parents. Especially when they do not believe in switching on the water heater.




    Not when I’m effing cold from the effing water that would not effing heat up cos the effing solar panels don’t effing work!!!


    Geez, I can’t even type properly.

    My hands are fuggin’ ice! 

    OH YES!

    May 1, 2009

    OH YES! Thank you Tyen for getting me my  CALVIN HARRIS CD which my parents would not buy for me because they think Calvin Harris is senseless, repetitive music when Calvin Harris is totally awesome and I fucking love him. Hmph!

    Anyway, thanks Tyen again!! I loves you much many! 

    And I will thank the rest later when I do get my presents this coming monday.



    I feel sad becoming 14. I think I am growing up too soon.

    I still remember my first day of primary school when I was 7, dammit!!!

    I am getting old!! Before I know it, I am going to be an office worker who’s a workaholic, whose mouth is stuck to her coffee cup 24/7 and sleeps at 5a.m. not because she’s late out partying but because she’s gonna be stuck in her small little flat doing work for a demanding boss-from-hell.

    Okay, I must stop watching so many chick flicks. 

    What is my life coming to??


    On a MUCH happier note. 


    Birthday wishes:

    1) Stay single, free, and funky (and a virgin.. Hopefully.. Shh)

    2) Gilles Peterson tickets baby!!

    3) An itouch? (Daddy, if you are reading this, you owe me for passing maths with such fucking awesome marks!)

    4) Gilles Peterson CDs

    5) Pass science (If I pass physics, it will be a total miracle I swear)

    6) Pass I.S.- I am happy with just 54.35%! 😀

    7) Stay best friends with stella. (Awww)

    8) Something neon… Anything neon.

    9) A great bohemian birthday party! (Yes, apparently I have a theme this year! No nicole, we won’t be going to the botanical gardens no matter how much you beg and kiss my feet to. Try harder, love!)

    10) Calvin Harris CD

    There!!! My birthday wishes! No. 10 is cancelled out, so only 9 left to get!

    Amazingly, I don’t wish for that many materialistic things this year.



    You should be extremely happy this year, father/mother. 








    I Am Infatuated.

    May 1, 2009


    Right now, I am looking for a Gilles Peterson Festival buddy to go with.

    Things to note:

    1) Birthday coming soon (4th may). GET ME SOMETHING. 😀

    2) Gilles Peterson Worldwide festival in Singapore, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th may!

    3) Music theory, critical listening,AND music history this coming Thursday (shit). 

    4) Mothers’ days coming up (double shit)

    5) I.S assessment coming up damn soon (shit shit shit!!)

    6) Need to get G.P fest tickets AND find a G.P. buddy to go with (check if I am legal)


    I need to get a life soon. It’s been getting pretty boring. And no one really knows about G.P Fest,  hence my disability to find a G.P buddy to go with. Actually, I do not even know if I am legal to go, it’s kinda a clubbing scene. Hence, I shall check the legal age.

    But ah hell, if I am able to rent rated DVDs, I should be able to get in …right?


    Stella came over today!! 😀

    Photo updates shall be on another post!

    Ciao, bella!