Okay, right now, at this very moment of somewhere within this frenzy of words, I am going on a blogging mania. 


Yes, blogging mania.


I have not blogged this much since… God knows when.

But oohh, this phase shall end in 4 days. 

Just 4 more days… When my beloved school opens its’ blue metallic gate to greet me- into hell.


I think I should go with classical music now.

Goodbye Spoon, goodbye Calvin Harris, goodbye Ella Fitzgerald. 





Ah, beloved Ravel, fear not. 



Chanel et Stravinsky

March 19, 2009


Yes, I know, my title says “Chanel”, but this a photo of Grace Kelly.

I think she is very pretty, is she not?


I am in love with Anna Mouglaglis. And she is muse to Karl Lagerfeld and a Chanel ambassadress. 

I want her life very badly.

Speaking of which, I think when I learn of Stravinsky in school, I will think Chanel. I mean, that man had good taste in women right?


Dammit, I’m starting to sound very gay right now.

But oh how straightness prevails in my sexuality. I think Marc Jacobs is sexy stuff.


School countdown: 4 more days 

Four more days until I get bombarded with all things shitty and bright. Four more days till I walk into heaven and hell. Four more days until I get picked on by my  cranky teachers who have nothing better to do in their lives.

Four more days, just four. I should do my maths. I have been failing way to often for comfort’s reach.

Shit, I am too much of a nerd.

Should I stay on?





I must stop with all these negatives vibes!!

With my sardonic sense of humor and ever-failing sense of sarcasm, it’s really giving out all this negative energy.

Yes, I believe blogs are like dating. It sends out different kinds of signal to whoever is trying to read into your itty-bitty mind. 

Kinda like a telepathic person, but worse.

Oh god.

Be gone from me, negative energy!!




(Note to self: Lose weight, you fat hag.)

I just realised, besides obsessing over calvin harris (note to self no. 2: Stop writing “calvin” as “clavin”. Aish, maybe it’s my weird likes for deep purple balaclavas. Not that you give a damn) and neon colours and how awesome it is that (the above) likes neon too, which is great, I guess, but I have no life other than that.

Amaze me, universe.

I need something new to do [as ranted in my previous post(s)].

And damn, I have to stop swearing so much. I must not be a foul-mouthed 14year-old. Dammit. 

And honestly, I have not been doing anything that is well, productive. I do not presume that facebooking is productive after a long period of time, yes?  And it apparently takes a great deal of effort to close the facebook page, for me, the facebook addict. They should have rehab for facebook addicts. I mean, addiction is not good unless you are Bill Gates who, I think, is addicted to charity. 

Even that could have a horrible outcome! Who knows!


(Says she, the unproductive lump.)


I want school to start. I really do. I know I sound like a stereotypical asian girl who is nerdy and good at computers and eats rice everyday and… 

Uh, what else?

(It’s honestly amusing when you go around town and ask non-asians what they think about stereotypes of asians and ask them to name a few of stereotypes. Utterly hilarious!)

BUT, I still want to go back to school! To my 8-9 hour schooling per weekday! To my vocals! To my beloved Luigi Nono whom I treasure and abide by to give me a good practice every time I take shelter inside that room which is small, lucid with it’s luminous light bulb, and oh-so claustrophobic.

(Shit, I just missed The Nanny!!!)

 I need school. I need to study. To fill this little chink mind of mine. 

I need knowledge!

Oh lovely textbook, in you I believe in!

Come to mama.


It’s An Identity

March 17, 2009




I am confused right now.

I know it’s not really me-me to resort to electronic therapy, but it’s odd.


Has anyone wondered if your identity defines who you are or do you define your identity? I mean, seriously, is your identity a way to seek attention? Like me- in a way. My obsession with neon and my anti-mainstream music behavior (oh fuck you apple dictionary and your stupid americanized spelling! Leave me to my british ways will you!)…. Is it not a way to gain attention? 

In other words, a way to define myself?

(Please excuse me if I do not make sense. I am currently blasting “Neon Rocks” through my headphones to drown out the croaks/shrieks/undaunted-by-me-not-being-able-to-hear screeches by that old hag whom I, apparently, live with. You see, when you live with a prehistoric mother who is bent on religion being a whole importance and one-and-only-thing-in-your-life, you tend to resort to ways that will sacrifice your sense to hear things after awhile.) 

And I know identity is supposed to be all unique and individual, but with such heavy media influence and with such heavy shit going around, identities are subjected to being cloned nowadays (in my opinion- what’s yours?). I’m in such confusion.

The world’s a mystery.

And ironically, in my alice-in-wonderland-themed room, which is painted yellow with political propaganda painted on my wall, the infamous Shakespeare quote, “The End Is Neigh”, is written just below my window.

And I must say, I do believe so.







The END.




(Refer back to Title).

(Note to self: Change view font. Current font is disgusting.)



I am addicted, officially, to Janet Jackson. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love her brother equally, but I think the music of JJ is totally genius.  Really.

Anyway, on a non-musical note, don’t you think that guy in that picture (above) is totally charming?

Yes, black and white charms everyone like an indian flute guy and that poisonous snake magigy, but honestly, his features are so perfect it scares me.


I thank the Lord for YouTube because I swear, without it, I wouldn’t know that Calvin Harris made a song called “NEON ROCKS”.

Like, ZOMG, how totally fucking awesome is that?!

Oh calvin harris, you british babe, won’t you marry me?


And I need new songs to listen to.

Samantha gave me federico to listen to, stella- calvin harris, I NEED SOMETHING NEW!!


Good music is so frikkin hard to find. I know I’m young, and oh-so inexperienced, but JESUS, everyone needs to listen to something don’t they?



God save the queen!




 “It’s either you take it or you get shot, you hear?”


I have a very bad feeling that I have OCD. Either that, or I have ADD.

Or it could get even better.

I have both! 

Hum Hallelujiah!

But honestly, screw the medical prescriptions. I have a disorder where I am obsessive which in turn makes me crave for attention. I am going nuts.

Or, I am nuts.

Ohwell. Obsessions are nice to have around.


Obsession 1:


I have an obsession with florescent/neon objects/pictures/clothes etc. 

It’s really not that embarrassing to admit it, but I think it’s all so poseur-ish and wannabe that I’m oh-so “hip” and “cool” and godknows what.

Anyone has any “cooler” slang?

Please feel obligated to comment with your whole dictionary of “cool”!


But anyhow, anything neon/luminous/florescent and I fall on the floor convulsing and kicking like a newborn baby. Ask my friends. They should know how I act infront of neon.

Honestly, if I had a choice, I’d rather marry a neon bicycle than a man (that is of course if the man is a complete jerk a.k.a normal school POS-es and they are completely different from me. No, I do not believe in the philosophy that opposites attract. Oh god, what bullshit!) if I had a choice. 

Yes, call me crazy, but hey, I’m 14.

No one expects much from me, but crap!


Obsession 2:


Yes, good music.

Oh calvin harris, if you were only a tad younger, I would kiss your feet.

(Oh god, what the hell did I just say?!)

I thank Stella for introducing me to (the above mentioned) because I swear, if there isn’t any good music around: 

1) The universe would die of a spasm from horrible music (I’m not gonna say who/what, but if you know me, you know what I mean by “horrible music” ).

2) I would die from a seizure from horrendous music. I would collapse and sink into the depth of hell whilst foaming in the mouth from such awfulness in my ears.

(See what I mean by ADD?)


Anyway, you get what I mean. And plus, (the above mentioned) has a bloody good sense of uh, well, backgrounds?








Obsession 3:


Yes,I am a singer. Shock, horror. No, not those myspace I-wanna-get-famous-like-britney-spears singer shit. 

As in, voice-student-music-student-singer.

Oh please, don’t ask what I sing. And I think I sound rather horrendous. 

So in other words, don’t ask me to sing.


OH WELL, it doesn’t hurt that much in the shower (I think).

(Hint Hint: Sing! -a chorus line)


Ai yai yai! 

I’m going crazy with all these obsessions.

Usually ADD people don’t know that they have ADD when they really do and it’s only those hypochondriacs who think they do but I am really not  a hypochondriac because hypochondriacs are irrational people and I take pride in being rational hence proving my point that I am rational yet I think I have ADD (or OCD- up to you) but I have no cold, hard proof lest I am not assured in my thesis of my… Illness. 



Okay, I’m nuts.

Ciao, bella!







Anyways, new blog, hopefully not new me, new choices, new blog color for god’s sake! 

It honestly annoys me how BGR is such shit in this stage of humanity.

It disgusts me.

Really. With all this “twit” talk and your weird oh-so-singaporean boyfriends.


It’s gross! 

But oh well.

She makes up with it with her good music taste.


N.E.R.D.- here  i come!